Wood Dug Out One-Hitter Smoke Boxes

Cocobola small slide top dug out

Wood dugouts–commonly referred to as one-hitters–are a great way to store your finely ground weed and also serve as an incognito pipe that you can carry on the go. They come in the form of small wooden boxes that contain a cigarette bat, so you can hit your piece wherever you please. 

Unlike a glass pipe or Chillum, wooden dugouts don’t appear to look like a smoking device on the surface. In fact, wood dugouts and cigarette bats were originally created in the 1970s when smoking marijuana was prohibited by law in most regions. Believe it or not, there is still a thriving market for wood dugouts in 2022. Sure, they’re “old school,” but they’re also most definitely classy. The smooth surface, fine wood and unique stained finishes embody a sense of rustic charm that looks stylish no matter where you store it.

Why Wood DugOuts?

Should you want to remain stealthy when smoking or carrying herbs, tobacco, or marijuana, a wooden dugout is a way to go. They are essentially smell-proof, so you don’t have to worry about a strong odor coming from the carrying cases. They make quite good traveling pieces

Aside from being portable, chic, odorless, and a surefire way to conceal your goods, wood dugouts last a lifetime and require very little maintenance. They are also quite difficult to break, as the design is very durable. Furthermore, wood dugouts are predictable; their design ensures you are getting the same amount of herb in one toke, every time. Wave goodbye to paranoia around accidentally consuming too large of a hit.

Additionally, one-hitter wooden dugouts stay cool to the touch and provide a clean, smooth inhale. Need we say more?

Wood Dugout Material

Wood dugouts are generally 3 x 3 inches and slim in-depth, which means that they are smaller than your average smartphone. They can fit in your pocket or a small clutch, or glove compartment of a car no problem. The materials used to manufacture wooden dugouts include metal, aluminum, brass, ceramic, and well, wood (duh). Often you will find wood dugouts are a combination of these materials.

Many worry that the wood will affect the taste of your herbs once inhaled, however we are here to stop the rumors. Whether you have a maple, oak, mahogany cherry wood, etc., you don’t have to worry about the woody flavors penetrating your smoke. 

Cleaning a wood dugout is simple: open the top of your dugout and soak your piece in isopropyl or rubbing alcohol. You can use a bag to shake it and break up the gunk, and even add salt for greater effects. 

DugOutOur Supply

We offer two different types of dugouts, a Small Slide Top Canary Wood Dugout or a twist top, depending on your preference. There are two sizes to choose from–small and large–and both provide a quick and easy yet effective high.

Both the small side top and the twist side top dugouts have 2 compartments, one for storage and one for smoking. The wood options are also the same; you can select from a lighter wood known as Teak wood, and a laminated dark wood with an inlaid stripe called Rosewood. Our twist tops

Cocobola Wood Slide Top Dug Outs

The Cocobola Wood Slide Top Dug Out is unique with aesthetic wood stains that is both functional and  high-class.This dugout is built the same as the aforementioned dugouts, though the Cocobola wood is considered more exotic as it is native to Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua.

Cocobola wood is used in a plethora of useful gadgets, including fine furniture and cabinetry, musical instruments, and custom pool cues. Its coloring is a deep reddish brown and has an irregular grain pattern. Because the trees that produce the Cocobola wood grow very slowly and associated production costs are high, the price of Cocobola wood is more expensive.

If you’re on the hunt for an easily accessible, smooth hitting and incognito smoking device, don’t skip out on purchasing a wood dug out. You’ll see why they’ve been a huge hit over the past few decades (no pun intended).