So Many Grinders – How Did It All Start?

We don’t call ourselves Premium Grinders for nothing; grinders are our

passion. Different styles, varied materials, numerous sizes, and a vast

range of colors make finding the perfect grinder a fun and fulfilling exercise.

So, what started all of this?

Tired of the hassle and mess of chopping their tobacco with a knife, two

Australian inventors patented the first tobacco grinder in July 1905. Their

concept changed the grinding landscape forever. This simple wooden

device would inspire others to take the idea to the next level, fostering the

vast array of options we have today.

While metal grinders are more popular today than their wooden

counterparts, wood ones remain popular with many. Premium Grinders

is proud to offer several options for wooden grinders, including this model,

which is faithful to the original design.

Wooden Two-Part Grinder

Like the original 1905 creation, this two-part wooden grinder is not only

visually appealing and a joy to use. It fits easily in any pocket, is

lightweight, and is easy to operate. Sometimes the simplest things turn out

to be the best, and we think this is one of those times.

Sweet Leaf Wooden Grindersmany grinders

Another first for grinders occurred in 1999 when this Sweet Leaf Original

Pocket Wood Grinder came upon the scene. This 2-inch model was soon

joined by the 2 1/2 inch Sweet Leaf Original Party Sized Would Grinder.

Both models fit comfortably in the hand and easily into your pocket. The

design and warm wood tones pay homage to grinding history and offer a

nostalgic option in today’s market.

Ryot 2-Part Wood Grinders

For a more modern take on the original 1905 design, Ryot offers four

different models with updated features like stainless steel pins and

magnetic closure.

1905 Fly (butterfly shape) 

1905 Eye 

1905 Square

1905 Slim 

All models are crafted from walnut and are approximately 2 inches in

diameter. The square and slim are cube-shaped, with the Slim model

sporting four grooves r around the body.

Why Choose a Wooden Grinder?

In a world full of plastic and metal grinders, it may seem odd that wood

grinders are still popular. But, many folks enjoy the nostalgia of these

throw-back products and the unique characteristics inherent in wood.

Each wood grinder bares its particular grain pattern and coloring. Many

people find the beauty of wood and its natural feel preferable to metal or

plastic in their hand. After all, man has been fabricating essential items

from wood since the beginning of time.

So Many Grinders, Indeed!

There are easily several hundred different grinders available at Premium

Grinders from which to choose. When considering all the numerous

materials, sizes, features, and colors that we offer, choosing the best

grinder can be a challenge.

This article is the first in our So Many Grinders series to help you weed

through all our grinders’ options and unique characteristics. We will follow

this article about their origins with a series of blogs highlighting all of our


We hope you enjoy this article and look forward to delivering more insights

and valuable information to aid your search for the perfect grinder.


Next up: Metal Grinders