Wood Dugout Small Slide Top




Wood Slide Top dugout with cigarette bat. Each wooden dugout has been machined to a clean smooth surface. The dug outs have 2 compartments. One is a large size compartment for storage of your material and the other it to hold the standard metal bat for smoking. Constructed with teak wood for a strong smoking box kit. This is actually a very portable way to smoke. The dugout can easily fit into your pocket. Dugouts are one of the original portable devices to allow you to smoke only what you need when you need it. In the 1970’s and 1980’s they were an easy way to smoke on the go. The dugout is also known as a one hitter box. All of our dugouts come complete with a metal standard cigarette bat. These are available in Teak Wood or Rosewood. The teak wood is a lighter color and the rosewood is a dark wood with an inlaid stripe.

Small Slide Top measures 3 inches tall by one inch wide

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Teak, Rosewood


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