Ryot Verb 510 Vape Battery


Ryot Verb 510 Vaporizer Battery for cartridges


Ryot Verb 510 Vape Battery. Attractive and easy to use portable vaporizer. The Ryot Verb 510 is a 510 thread pocket sized concentrate vape that features a 0.5ml tank volume and charges using a micro USB cable. Premium 650mAh lithium-ion cell and a high versatile atomizer port with two unique types of adapters. The Ryot Verb 510 oil cartridge vaporizer is made with an atomizer cover and a high versatile atomizer port with two unique types of adapters. It is designed with a hinged atomizer door cover that closely resembles that of a Zippo cigarette lighter. This allows you to close off the port so you can hide your concentrated oils.

It’s powerful 650 mAh battery offers adjustable voltage control and an innovative preheat power mode that is conveniently controlled using just one button for the a discreet smoking experience. Click the button 5 times within 2 seconds to power the device on and then 3 more times to adjust your voltage. Each time the voltage change an LED indicator inside of the Verb Vape flashes a changes color to represent the voltage you have selected (3.4V Green, 3.7V Blue, 4.0V Red).

Once you have a voltage selected either press/hold the button to heat your cartridge for up to 10 seconds or double click the button to start a preheat cycle.

While preheating the Verb Vaporizer displays a pulsing purple LED throughout the 12 second cycle, double press the button at any point during the session to cancel it early. Please note the Verb 510 Set does not included a oil cartridge atomizer.

The VERB 510 works with all 510 threaded cartridges as long as they are less than 11 mm in diameter. Keep in mind that longer cartridges could make it difficult to flip the top closed. We recommend certified/reputable brands that utilize the CCELL cartridge (TH2 or M6T Models) – they work exceptionally well.

Dimensions: 76.2mm x 39.9mm x 16mm
Device Weight: About 1.2 ounces
510 Thread Port Supports Carts Up to 12mm Wide
Convenient Magnetic Connection (Short & Tall Included)
Powerful 650mAh Lithium-ion Cell Lasts All Day
Adjustable Voltage Output Control (3.4-4.0V)
Innovative Preheat Power Mode with 12s Duration
Automatically Remembers Your Preferred Power Setting
Recharge Anywhere Conveniently via USB
Low-Voltage, Short-Circuit and Overcharge Protections

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Black, Green, Beige


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