Vatra Drawstring Pouches


Vatra drawstring padded pouches. Nylon lined with padded soft velvet inside. Vatra is the brand name.


Vatra Drawstring Pouches will protect your valuables for many years to come. An edgy, durable and stealthy protective stash pouch to keep your favorite fragile valuables and more nice and safe. Makes a great smoke accessory.

Each bag has a thick cushioned velvet interior lining. These bags will keep your glass piece comfortably safe. With Vatra’s innovated tubular padding, this lightweight patented bag, is long lasting and an efficient way to carry any delicate item.

Vatra has been in business for the past 10 years creating quality drawstring and zipper bags. Great for carrying your glass items!

Choice of 6″ padded drawstring or 8″ drawstring (8″ x 4″ x 1″ empty)

Colors: Black, Burgundy,Green,Light Blue,Orange, Woven Grey or Woven Beige

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6 inch, 8 inch


Black, Green, Grey, Burgundy, Munchies, Orange, Beige, Woven Blue


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