Titanium Nails Grade 2.  These premium Domeless Grade II Titanium nails are expertly crafted to heat up quickly and retain optimal vaping temperature. These qualities ensure that you dab efficiently, maximizing the value of your pricey oils and concentrates. We have a 10 mm size and sizes ranging to fit 14 – 19 mm male or female joints.

The 10 mmm is female so it fits a male joint. We have 14-19 mm titanium nail that are either male or female as well as a 4-way universal nail that will fit both male and female joints. Our titanium nails are listed with item numbers as follows:

#651 10 mm female

#645 14-19 mm male

#644 14-19 mm female

#650 Universal 4-way female and male

#665 Titanium Honey Bucket 14-18 mm female