Sweetleaf aluminum grinders.  Original Authentic Sweetleaf 2 part aluminum grinders.  The very first grinder to hit the US market back in 1999.  Highly polished to a smooth velvet surface for easy twisting and turning.  The threads on these grinders are have been updated to guarantee a smooth grind every time.. The Sweetleaf Pocket Sized 2 inch Grinder is small enough to fit in your pocket. It’s big enough to do the job, useful on a wide variety of herbs. The Sweetleaf Party-Size is 2 1/2″. These are 2 part manual grinders. You control the grinding speed and duration. The nylon guide on the container rim resists clogging and prevents the grinder from getting stuck.

We are selling both sizes which is the small 2 inch pocket size and the large 2 1/2 inch party size grinders.

October 2019 – The Sweetleaf Party Size aluminum is back in stock!