Space Case 4 part Rasta grinder

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Space Case 4 part rasta color grinder. Space Case grinder are made in the USA with american 6160 hard aluminum. These grinders are very heavy and manufacturered with strict tolerances

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Space Case 4 part rasta grinders.  Space Case is the Ultimate Premium Grinder Tool . Since 1998, Space Case has been using their aerospace background to develop these premium state of the art grinders. We are an authorized Authentic Space Case Grinder distributors. These 4 part grinders are manufactured under strict tolerances. The sharp diamond blade teeth are precisely placed to grind your materials.  These are made with 6160 aircraft aluminum and coated in a process called anodization to make them scratch resistant. They are also highly  polished to a super smooth finish. Cleaned and deburred to perfection. Each grinder features strong earth magnets to keep the grinders closed. Stainless steel screen for sifting.  Space Case anodized rasta grinders.



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