Solo Pipe


Solopipe is the original self-igniting pipe. Available in 3 finishes: chrome, gold or gunmetal


Solopipe is the original self-igniting pipe that started it all. Hailing from Venice, CA, from the roots of endless summers, Solopipe embodies the Southern California lifestyle. It’s all you need for a one-handed pipe. The Original Authentic Solo Pipe from Venice, California.

The Solopipe is perfect for those who want an easy-to-use tobacco pipe that also has a built-in refillable, adjustable butane lighter. Solopipe specializes in assisting the ease of tobacco smoking for those inconvenienced by the need for 2 hands to enjoy their tobacco. Solopipe — it’s all you need. Sliding Bowl Cover: The sliding bowl cover allows you to expose the chamber when you’re ready to smoke. When you are done you can cover the bowl and be on your way. No tobacco will fall out into your pockets. – Refillable Gas Valve. Each Solopipe has a refillable valve that uses any standard fitting refillable butane, ensuring that you can use your Solopipe for many enjoyable years to come.  Adjustable Flame Control.  Next to the mouthpiece, you will find a standard adjustable flame control. You can increase the size of the fully integrated lighter’s flame based on your particular needs from low to high.

Each Solopipe comes with hard protective case, pouch, replacement screens and cleaning tools. Solopipes DO NOT ship filled with Butane.

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