SNEEK A TOKE Hi-Efficiency


SNEEK A TOKE New Hi-Efficiency portable smoking device.


The NEW High Efficiency Smoking Pipe, with a removable cartridge. This New Sneak A Toke pipe will burn your herbs much more fully and evenly than the other Sneak A Toke pipes. The High Efficiency SAT pipe is made in the USA of aluminum with a nice matte black finish. These are made here in the US by Koala T which you can rest assured that these are the bestselling quality sneek a toke pipes on the market today.  This pipe uses removable cartridges, and you will receive one extra cartridge as well as two end caps. The cartridge insert can be filled with your favorite dry herb and then you just slip it into the pipe. The black mouthpiece is made of quality food grade silicone rubber. The caps are placed on each end to enable you to store your material and block odors from escaping. This SAT also has a Unique inner easy change bowl cartridge. It is self-extinguishing. and completely self-contained. No smoke will escape from the pipe.

Each pipe measures 2.25″ long x .75″ wide. Bowl is approximately 15/16″ depth and 3/4″ inside diameter.

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