SLX Ceramic Non Stick Grinders


SLX non stick ceramic grinder. The only ceramic grinder on the market with a patent.


SLX Ceramic Coated Non Stick 4 part grinders. This is the newer 2.5 version. SLX is the best grinder on the market today. The innovative ceramic nonstick coating will provide a smooth and clean grind with every effortless turn. You will notice that you can probably go weeks without cleaning this grinder. Your material will grind to perfection without all the mess. SLX grinders have their own patent which is marked on every grinder along with a lot number.

The ceramic coating is 100% non-toxic and FDA-approved. There is no TeflonĀ® or PTFE or any toxic chemicals used. Each grinder is machined to the thousandth of an inch and then treated with the unrivaled patented ceramic coating. You’ll never deal with gummed or mangled threads again when you make the switch to SLX. The SLX Grinder has eye pleasing comfort grips around the top and bottom lids for easy turning.

There are 57 trapezoid-shaped teeth that each feature four cutting edges to evenly shred your material into an airy fluffy grind that then falls freely through the uniquely designed drop-through holes into the chamber below.

Small 4 part 2 inch 50 mm diameter

Large 4 Part 2.4 inch 62mm diameter

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Small, Large


Black, Charcoal, Silver, Purple, Green, Champagne, Yellow


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