Santa Cruz Omni Domeless Nails


Santa Cruz titanium omni domeless titnanium nails


Santa Cruz Domeless Omni Titanium Nails.  From the maker of the famous Santa Cruz Shredder comes the “Omni” titanium universal nails. Santa Cruz Grade 2 Titanium nails are made here in Santa Cruz, California, U.S.A. They have outstanding heat retention. The bowl top is domeless, created to capture the vapors as they are produced without having to worry about a dome. Compatible with the Omni Cap. These are authentic Santa Cruz titanium domeless nails. We have 2 varieties to offer. The smallest of the three sizes Omni “Baby” 10/11 mm – 2 piece Male Set is compatible with a 10/11mm Female joint or the larger 14 to 18 mm fits onto 14 or 18 mm joints.

Options: Mini 10 mm female or male, Large 14 to 18 mm

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