Ryot Stand Up Spoon Pipe


Ryot Stand Up glass spoon pipe


Ryot Stand Up Spoon Pipe is constructed with a thick wall of glass and has a good flat bottom to lay flat.  No more spills with the glass pipe.  Nice black matte finish. Easy to handle, this spoon pipe boasts heavy wall glass, thick glass streamlined bowls, and sleek classic designs.

The RYOT Stand Up Spoon Pipe is different from typical rounded spoons. This pipe has a more hybrid classic-modern look with a more traditional pipe body combined with a sleek finish and balanced design that lets it sit-up and present itself. These glass pipes have a left-hand carb and a perfectly rounded bowl for even hits. They have a clipper sized bowl for easy packing with your lighter.  Bowl is 2 inches wide.

Size:   6 inch in length

Color:  Matte Black


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