Ryot 4 x 7 NF Wood Sifting Box


Ryot Natural wood 4″ x 7″ wood sifting box.


Ryot Wood 4″ x 7″ wood sifting box.  Natural wood finsh with a mono-filament silk screen.  This is a 3 part box held together with strong magnets. These magnets hold the box shut tight for tilting and shaking.  The top is a solid lid, the middle part contains the sifting screen and the bottom tray is the collection plate.The 4 x 7 Solid Top Shaker Screen Box by RYOT was made to display the characteristics of fine construction. These boxes have thick walls creating a buffer between ambient air and your contents and include a removable 100 micron mono-filament screen for collecting botanical concentrates. Fusing superior form and function, The Ryot Shaker Screen Box satisfies all your storage needs in one stylish box, perfect for the smoking connoisseur. This 4″ x 7″ box has a natural wood finish.  The Ryot manufacturer makes these boxes in 2 other configurations.   We also sell the Ryot dark walnut finish in a small 3″ x 5″ box and the 7″ x 7″ Double Screen with an all natural finish.

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