Ryot 3 x 5 Walnut Wood Sifting Box


Ryot 3″ x 5″ walnut sifting box


Ryot 3″ x 5″ walnut wood finish sifting box. Solid wood box finished with dark walnut wood is functional can easily be mistaken for a fine jewelry box. The Ryot wood boxes are designed with perfection. The second layer of this box has a monofilament silk screen with wood trim that is removable and easy to use.  The Ryot Wood Sifter is a 3 piece box held together with powerful magnets.  You have the top lid and bottom collection tray as well at the tight silk screen in the middle.  Since these are 3 separate pieces it make it easy to just use the middle screen as a sifter or together all 3 become a shaker box.  Ryot Sifting boxes are a multifunctional tool as they provide storage as well as collection. RYOT takes this concept one step further and can also be used as a humidor. This Ryot box measures 5 inches long by 3 inches wide and is about 2.5 inches tall.  It is a nice convenient hand held shaker box held together with secure magnets.

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Package features (1) Attractive Wood Construction RYOT Solid Top Screen Box 3×5” in Walnut, Monofilament Screen for Greater Longevity and Higher Quality Sifting, Prep Card, Magnetically Secured Compartment Layers, Seamless Glass Base Tray, Interior Box Depth: 1″

Measurements:   3″ x 5″ x 3″


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