Ryot 3 x 5 Walnut Wood Sifting Box


Ryot 3″ x 5″ walnut sifting box


Ryot 3″ x 5″ walnut wood finish sifting box. Solid wood box finished with dark walnut wood is functional and can easily be mistaken for a fine jewelry box. The Ryot wood boxes are designed with perfection. The second layer of this box has a monofilament silk screen with wood trim that is removable and easy to use.  The Ryot Wood Sifter box is held together with powerful magnets.  You have the top lid and bottom collection tray as well at the tight silk screen in the middle.  Since these are 3 separate pieces it makes it easy to just use the middle screen as a sifter or together all 3 become a shaker box.  Ryot Sifting boxes are a multifunctional tool as they provide storage as well as collection. RYOT takes this concept one step further and can also be used as a humidor. This Ryot box measures 5 inches long by 3 inches wide and is about 2.5 inches tall.  It is a nice convenient handheld shaker box held together with secure magnets.

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Package features (1) Attractive Wood Construction RYOT Solid Top Screen Box 3×5” in Walnut, Monofilament Screen for Greater Longevity and Higher Quality Sifting, Prep Card, Magnetically Secured Compartment Layers, Seamless Glass Base Tray, Interior Box Depth: 1″

Measurements:   3″ x 5″ x 1″


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