Ryot 2 part wood grinders


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Ryot 1905 2 part walnut wood grinders with magnetic closure.


Ryot 2 part wood grinders are approximately 2″ in diameter. These grinders are made from walnut wood with modern ergonomic designs and strong magnets. 1905 handcrafted wood grinders are the best and most stylish wooden grinders ever made.  The grinders have straight stainless steel pins which are guaranteed not to warp or fall out. Limited one year warranty. The 1905 Fly is ergonomically shaped like a butterfly.  The 1905 Eye is shaped like a large eye and both the slim and square are shaped as a cube with the slim having 4 lines around the diameter.

Choose from:   1905 Fly,     1905 Eye,     1905 Slim,    1905 Square


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Fly, Eye, Slim, Square


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