Pyptek Prometheus Dreamroller


Prometheus Dreamroller Pipe is a powerful steamroller pipe from Pyptek. It is made with borosilicate glass and surrounded by an exoskeleton of
anodized aluminum.


Pyptek Prometheus Dreamroller Pipe.  The newest pipe from the Pyptek family. The Dreamroller is a classic steamroller with several updated twists. Pyptek introduced the dreamroller in 2017. All the benefits of a premium steamroller now come with the ease of one-handed operation and the strength of an aircraft grade aluminum shell. The actual pipe is made with custom borosilicate glass. This steamroller’s pneumatic action makes it more than 10 times easier to draw than a standard pipe, and one easy push of the button clears the chamber! Get more from your session with the Prometheus Dreamroller. All parts to the Prometheus Dreamroller Pipe are made and assembled here in the U.S. by Pyptek. The protected exoskelton is made with anodized 6061 aircraft grade quality aluminum.

The Pyptek Dreamroller is easy to use as it now comes equipped wtih a spring-loaded carb. 9The carb-function is outside of the air pathway so it’s never going to get gunked up or compromised.

Back in 2017, Pyptek called all their pipes prometheus.  Last year they phased out the “prometheus” name to Pyptek. These are genuine Pyptek pipes.

Custom Borosilicate Glass Steamroller internals
Anodized 6061 Aircraft grade Aluminum Exoskeleton
One handed “Instant Clear” Carburetor
Shock-absorbing silicone gaskets
Available in five colors: Black, Blue, Green, Red, Purple, Gunmetal

The length of the aluminum exoskeleton is the same size as the Prometheus Titan measuring 5 1/2″ x 1 1/4″ diameter.

Colors Available:  Black, Blue, Green, Red, Purple, Gunmetal

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