Pyptek Prometheus Bubbler


The Pyptek Bubbler is a premium glass water pipe that is made virtually indestructible with an ultra durable 6061 aircraft grade aluminum exoskeleton made in six sleek color options.


Prometheus Bubbler by Pyptek.  The Pyptek Bubbler is a premium glass water pipe that is made virtually indestructible with an ultra-durable 6061 aircraft grade aluminum exoskeleton made in six sleek color options.   It’s designed to completely break down into 4 separate parts to make cleaning the pipe an extremely quick and easy process. The internal glass parts remove from its aluminum housing and securely locks into place with shock resistant rubber o-rings when reassembled to help prevent damage if it’s ever dropped.   The bowl section offers a massive area to pack in enough of your favorite dried smoking blends for a few sessions before even needing to think about having to refill.

Staying true to Pyptek’s visionary feat of creating truly indestructible glass pipes, the Pyptek Hammer Bubbler is the golden child of our Ballin’ Bubblers collection.  The Pyptek Bubbler redefines versatility in a market full of one-trick ponies, combining the portability of a hand pipe, the water filtration & cooling properties of a glass bong, and indestructible qualities of aerospace-grade anodized aluminum in one ergonomic piece. This glass bubbler features Pyptek’s signature aluminum exoskeleton made from anodized 6061 T-6 aircraft-grade aluminum. The super durable exterior is paired with shock-absorbing rubber gaskets designed to withstand unforeseen accidents and keep the high-quality borosilicate glass pipe within safe & sound. The unrivaled engineering of the Pyptek Bubbler allows you to take this water pipe with you on nearly any adventure without the need to worry about it breaking if dropped. The titanium exterior is also equipped with large viewing windows that showcase the bubbling action on the inside while making it easy to see the size of each rip.

Designed for super smooth, flavorful rips from your dry herbs, the all-glass air path in the 5.5” Pyptek Hammer Bubbler provides ample space for your smoke to cool down, even after back-to-back rips. As you light your dry herbs, the borosilicate glass flower bowl will lead your smoke into the base of the bubbler through a fixed downstem that runs down the center of the pipe. The main chamber houses a showerhead percolator at the very bottom that works to diffuse your smoke through water for effective filtration and cooling power. A large left side air carb is built into the exoskeleton and glass pipe, allowing you to effortlessly clear the smoke inside the chamber with each draw. The angled straight neck prevents the backsplash of water from reaching the mouthpiece, while the removable bowl piece makes changing the water in this bubbler a breeze. Speaking of which, each part of the Pyptek Hammer Bubbler is removable and completely disassembles to provide the easiest cleaning possible. This also means you don’t have to replace your entire piece if any part of the glass happens to break! With an innovative design available in a variety of stunning color choices, the Pyptek Bubbler leaves no corner unturned. Enjoy the durability, portability, powerful filtration, and unmatched styling of the Pyptek Hammer Bubbler Pipe today from the best online headshop!

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