Notch Alloy 4 part 75mm grinder


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The Notch large 3″ or 75 mm  4 part anodized aluminum grinder


The Notch Alloy LARGE SIZE 4 part aluminum grinder is 3″ or 75 mm in diameter. Notch non-stick grinders were the first to implement the non-stick surface. These Notch grinders are now called Notch Alloy as they have been recently upgraded with a non stick surface. This hard protective plating is better for your health and it is non-toxic! The Notch non stick grinder is the smoothest, slickest grinder on the market. It has a unique ceramic bonded surface that is low friction, non-stick, and incredibly durable. The non stick surface will keep your grinder looking new for years to come. Each Notch grinder has little notches around the top lid making it easy to grip and turn.  They have razor sharp teeth to grind. This is a 4 part anodized aluminum grinder. The top part contains the manual grinder with sharp teeth to grind, the middle section is the screen which sifts your herb to a fine grind and the bottom section is the collection area where your herb will fall once sifted. These are anodized to prevent scratching. CNC machined from one piece of aluminum to ensure the teeth will never fall out. The New Non-Stick Notch Alloy grinders are top quality healthy alternative for grinding.

We also sell The Notch smaller sizes: Mini 1.5″ or 40 mm, Small 2.2″ or 53 mm and the medium 2.5″ or 63 mm


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