Newport Jumbo Torches

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Newport Jumbo size torch stands 10 inches tall


Newport Torches are the best butane torch in the market today. They’re simple, safe, and ergonomically designed to get the job done. Whether you want to use your kitchen torch for culinary purposes or something else, it’s important that you have the best quality that your budget allows for. These are the large jumbo 10″ size.

Newport Zero Butane Torches are manufactured with safety and simplicity in mind. Even refilling with Newport Butane fuel is quick. And the self-igniting piezo ignition makes the performance that much easier. A child-proof safety lock keeps each Newport torch from igniting accidentally. This will enable you to store it securely whether you’re at home or on the road.

In addition, a sturdy built base keeps the torch standing up while at rest, so you can put the device down in between use without worrying about it easily toppling over. An ergonomic design makes every Newport torch easy to grip, ensuring a safe, enjoyable experience. These Refillable lighters are for everyday use.

Newport torches came to prominence out of England in the 1960s, gaining international acclaim over the years for the quality of their industrial-strength torches. With decades of experience in the torch industry, Newport Butane has honed their craft to deliver some of the best torches in the world. Featuring durable and dependable designs, these premium torches are a favorite among dab enthusiasts.

Cooking Butane Torch
The Jumbo cooking butane torch can reach a temperature of 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature you need for most recipes.
The Newport Zero 10″ Jumbo Torch is available in black, rose gold, black, gray, silver. This Jumbo-size culinary butane torch of ergonomic design. It has a childproof safety lock system to protect your kids. It also has a burn time of 36 minutes per fill.

Butane Torch Features:
Safely adjustable flame.
Self-igniting piezo ignition.
Built-on stand and lock button for hands-free operations.
Comfort grip handle.
Quick Refill System.
Multifunction & multipurpose butane torch lighter.
Jumbo fuel gauge (Up to 60 minutes flame burn time).
Metallic Finishing. Available in Gold Torch, Rose Gold Torch, Gray Torch, Black Torch, Silver Torch, Ethio Style Torch.
2018 New Colors: Cyan Butane Torch, Jungle Green Butane Torch

Colors: Gunmetal
Size: 10″ Tall

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Grey, Silver, Pink, Black


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