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Monkey Pipe. Original Authentic Monkey Pipe with monkey logo. Small portable wooden pipe hand made in Oregon, USA.


Tobacco Pipe

The Original Monkey Pipe.  Often imitated, this is the original, authentic Monkey Pipe, made in Portland, Oregon with premium quality hardwood and smooth anodized aluminum! Less than two inches long, this pocket-sized dynamo is the ultimate portable Tobacco Pipe, with a swivel lid that keeps a fresh bowl or spent ashes from spilling while in transit. Two smoke-cooling ventilation ports and an airtight O-ring help deliver smooth hits, and the recessed, nickel-plated mouthpiece stays cool and comfortable. The Monkey Pipe features stainless steel flathead screws and a stainless steel lining that make it easy to take apart for cleaning.

The Original Monkey Pipe has the trademarked eye logo on the lid and print on the bottom. Made using a variety of the highest quality hardwoods based on availability (including white oak, red oak, Jatobá, bubinga, black walnut, sapele, maple, jarrah, and tigerwood), the type of wood on your pipe may vary from the photos.

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