Mamba Electric Grinder


Mamba V1 50 mm battery operated hand held electric grinder


Mamba battery operated hand held grinder. The Mamba Battery Powered Grinder is a fast, powerful, and convenient electric grinder. Just redesigned with a larger 50 mm size. Your customers will love its ease, just fill, close, and press the button. A powerful 600 amp motor with a forward / reverse switch ensures the perfect grind, never jamming. REVOLUTIONARY ONE-HANDED-OPERATION: Throw out that old clunky manual grinder and enter the next generation of grinding with the new MAMBA grinder. The MAMBA Grinder is sleek and stylish, easy to use with one hand, never jams, grinding a medium-fine fluffy grind every time. No matter how moist and oily your herb is, MAMBA grinds as much or as little as you load right where you need it – MAMBA provides a sure shot every-time. Fast, powerful, and convenient, the Mamba Sure Shot Electric Grinder is the ultimate herbal grinding tool. Just fill with tobacco or herbs, close the lid, and press the button to grind right into your bowl or rolling paper. Designed for power, performance, and ergonomics, the Sure Shot is stylish and lightweight, with a professional tool-grade 600-amp motor. Equipped with all-metal gears, aircraft-grade aluminum teeth, and a rocking forward/reverse switch ensures it never jams. The removable spout pours the ground herb directly where you want it. Just load, grind, and pour. Comes with a 2-year Manufacturer’s Warranty. Takes 4 AA batteries (not included).

MAMBA FACTORY DIRECT – 2 YEAR MANUFACTURER’S QUALITY GUARANTEE WARRANTY The MAMBA Team spent years of product testing to manufacture a Battery Grinder with the perfect combination of capacity, rotational speed & torque delivering unsurpassed grinding performance


– Powerful Battery-Powered Electric Grinder
– Up To 20x Faster Than Manual Grinders
– One-Handed Operation
– Easy To Use
– Never Jams

– Takes 9 Volt Battery (not included)
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