Journey 4 Pipe


Journey 4 pipe is a simple 3 part pipe that is made with stainless steel and covered with FDA food grade silicone for a non-slip grip.


Journey 4 Pipe

Journey 4 Pipe.  Same manufacturer, same great product! The Journey 4 pipe is an amazing revolutionary smoking device designed with Micro Ring Filter Technology™ that eliminates clogging and the use of screens. With this micro-ring filter technology, you will not have the unhealthy tars that clog up most pipes. Permanent no-clog filter. The 200-micron filter is so efficient that only the cleanest smoke and vapor will get through. Yes, Journey 4 pipe can handle all your waxy material as well as traditional flower.

Magnetic lid snaps left or right and bottom snap off for easy cleaning.  It is slightly larger and wider than the Journey 3 pipe.  One very large powerful rare earth magnet to keep the pipe secure. Stainless steel body coated with non-toxic inert FDA food grade silicone.  The silicone gives this classic pipe a nice grip and protects your pipe from scratches.  The smooth surface of the Journey makes it easy to clean. This clean device makes your smoke free from tar and bacteria.  Enjoy clean, cool, healthier smoke.  The Journey 4 Pipe comes in a black hard case.  Your choice of soft red or soft black or the new blue.

Journey 4 Color Choices: Red or Black or Blue

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