Journey 3 Pipe


Authentic Journey 3 all metal 3-part small handheld metal pipe with sliding bowl cover.


Journey 3 Pipe

The Journey 3 Pipe is an all-metal pocket pipe. Held together with strong magnets and constructed from zinc alloy.  The Journey pipe doesn’t break, stays cool to the touch, is coated with a non-toxic color coating, and is made complete with its very own hard storage case. Journey’s patent pending Filter Gap Technology means no more screens and less tar in the smoke. This Journey pipe is slightly larger than the earlier versions of the Journey 1 and Journey 2. There are other Journey Pipes on the market today however this is the original authentic Journey Pipe. It is a revolutionary smoking pipe that delivers cooler, cleaner, healthier smoke.

Each pipe now has the magnets stamped into the pipe for a much stronger hold. With Journey, there’s no buildup of tar and bacteria; just pop it open and wipe it clean. Journey 3 Pipe solves the problems of wooden and glass pipes and frees you to enjoy smoking like never before!  The Journey 3 is currently available in the twilight silver finish or black which is also known as midnight gray. The design and materials make this new pipe bacteria free, non-toxic for a cooler cleaner smoother smoke. Snap Action lid and magnetic bottom make the Journey 3 easy to open & close. The Journey 3 comes in a state of art black hard protective pocket case. This is a 3-part pipe that just needs to be cleaned with soap and water. The smooth surface of this metal pipe makes it easy to maintain and keep clean.  Small enough to be portable.  The Journey 3 key features are the larger and deeper bowl, and the handle is thicker for durability. The Journey 3 is a tough sturdy pipe that we guarantee you will not be disappointed. There are other Journey Pipes on the market today however this is the original authentic Journey Pipe. The new design makes this pipe just right. Simple and clean smoke by Journey. We are so proud of the durability of this pipe that we guarantee it for 2 years. Journey 3 is available in twilight silver or midnight black.

Dimensions:  4″ x 1″ x 1″

Color Choices:  Black or Silver


  • High Grade Zinc Alloy Metal
  • Strong Magnetic Lid
  • Screenless Design
  • Cooling Chamber
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Case Included
  • Length: 4″


Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 1 × 1 in

Twilight Silver, Midnight Grey, Rose Gold


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