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The Incredibowl i420 standard pipe


The Incredibowl i420 standard is the larger of the two pipes on the market. Incredibowl i420 is a steamroller pipe. It is a portable smoking system that offers a smooth experience with extreme ease of use and a super durable design. The Incredibowl uses a carb system that catches any debris or unwanted material before letting the smoke enter the chamber. All of these features are what makes the Incredibowl so unique and lets it deliver one of the smoothest smoking experiences available. How does the Incredibowl work:  Once the bowl is lit, smoke passes through the smoke injection nozzle cooling the hot smoke.  The cooled smoke then passes across the fine mesh stainless steel screen where the tars are filtered out.  The cooled, filtered smoke then expands into the Expansion Chamber.  When the gases expand, they lose energy in the form of heat.  The expansion of the smoke creates a pressure difference between the expansion chamber and the atmosphere outside the chamber.  When the annular purge carb is activated, pressure inside the chamber equalizes to the pressure outside, forcing air through the carb holes. The geometric arrangement of the holes causes air to rush into the chamber through a symmetrical system of air jets, displacing the smoke quickly and smoothly into your lungs. Winner of two High Times Cannabis Cups, the Incredibowl i420 utilizes innovative engineering to provide users with the most pleasurable smoking experience around. Lifetime warranty on all non-glass hardware.

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