Incredibowl Quick Draw Trigger Release

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Incredibowl quick draw


Incredibowl quick draw trigger release is made specifically for the Incredibowl mini m420 pipe. mini m420 pipe.  Upgrade your m420 for one-handed operation with the Quick-draw TRS Trigger Release System and blast your hit with a tap of the trigger. This is an accessory to the m420 pipe and does not work with the larger i420 pipe. Comes with an alternate spring for a softer touch.The Incredibowl Quick Draw Release System improves the performance and ease of use of the Incredibowl m420 all in one shot. The Quick Draw System adds a small trigger that you pull that releases the carb quickly and easily. This is a must have for any Incredibowl enthusiast. The Quick Draw also comes with a new spring so you can give your Incredibowl Mini the ability to clear itself with the press of a finger!  The Incredibowl m420 pipe is  sold separately.

January 2020 – OUT OF STOCK

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