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Incredibowl mini m420 smoking device


The Incredibowl m420 mini pipe shares the same design as the larger version known as the Incredibowl i420 Standard Pipe in a smaller, more compact package. This is the smaller travel version of Incredibowl’s first smoking device.  The tube is made of shatter proof polycarbonate that is highly regarded as one of the best portable smoking options out there.  The patented Bowl Armor technology allows the Incredibowl to be dropped and withstand serious impact without breaking. Incredibowl m420 is a revolutionary pocket size smoking device that delivers an amazing smoking experience. The Incredibowl is equipped with a 9-hole Annular Purge Carb™, integrated with a filtration system and a anodized BowlArmor™. The filtration system catches unwanted debris and unwanted particles before the smoke enters the shatter proof expansion chamber. Once the desired amount of smoke accumulates in the expansion chamber just pull the BowlArmor™ forward to activate the 9-hole Purge Carb™ allowing clean air to pass through and cool the smoke before consumption. The anodized BowlArmor™ protects the glass bowl from drop age and unforeseen accidents.  One of the best features is that you are also smoking from glass so you will only receive the taste of your material and none of what you are using to smoke.  It has a purging carb on its expansion chamber for quick large pulls.  If you need something to take out with you that you do not have to worry about breaking than the Incredibowl m420 is what you have been searching for.  These are available in many colors..

December 2019; out of stock

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