Incredibowl glass repair kit


Incredibowl repair kits including the glass bowl, screens, and o-rings.


Incredibowl glass repair kit.  Repair kits include one Incredibowl glass bowl, 5 screens, 1 black o-ring and 2 small red o-rings.  We have the m420 mini repair kits as well as the i420 large repair kits.  These are made specifically for the Incredibowl m420 and i420 pipes.  The pipes are not included in these kits.  This is just an accessory to the Incredibowl pipes. If you only need the glass bowl replacements, we are selling these separately as Incredibowl glass bowls.  Here you will receive the entire glass repair kit.

What’s included in the kit; glass bowl, 5 screens, 1 black o-ring and 2 red o-rings

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