Incredibowl glass color angled bowls


Incredibowl clear glass 90 degree angled bowls


Incredibowl glass 90-degree color angled bowls.  These are glass bowls designed exclusively for the Incredibowl pipe.  All color bowls are handmade, making each one totally unique and will vary in look from bowl to bowl. Colors may not be specified. Each glass bowl is set at 90 degrees.  This bowl is hand blown with thick cut glass to avoid easy breakage and has a 90° turn so while the m420 is parallel to the ground, the bowl is still pointing straight up giving you a full view where to light. The one downfall many Incredibowl users have agreed upon is that the straight design of the pipe puts your material out of sight, leaving you wondering if bowl is full or not. These angled bowls are perfect for smoking horizontally. Each bowl sells for $34. each

These are especially made for the Incredibowl mini m420 pipes. Each glass angled bowl has a beautiful multi-color design.


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