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Genius Pipe brings a new and innovative smoking device that offers a cool, smooth and cough free smoking experience with its patented Dimple-Surface-Design technology while making cleanup a breeze by using antibacterial wipes.


The Genius Pipe is one of the most original hand pipes on the market today. This intelligent little pipe uses three simple pieces to generate extremely cool hits using metal ridges or dimples to diffuse smoke. The two main pieces contain the metal ridges and are held together using four strong magnets at the corner. These pieces separate mainly for the convenience of cleaning, allowing the Genius Pipe to be soaked in alcohol and warm water for an easy clean.

The third piece is the metal slide on the front of the piece, which is used to reveal the mesh bowl. The bowl is lit through the cutout design on the slide, and can be slid down to quickly extinguish the flame. This pipe is perfect for the smoker who likes to keep up with the latest gadgets, the discreet smoker who is looking for a pipe that can easily slide into any bag or pocket, and the on-the-goer who is needs a portable pipe that can give cool hits.

It’s incredibly sleek, discreet, and small enough to fit in your handbag, purse, or pocket. It’s perfect for whatever setting you find yourself in. Also, it has a cover. You can pack a bowl, put it in your pocket just like a phone, and when you get to your destination, it’s still packed. The cover keeps your pipe from losing your smoking material of choice in the wind and makes Genius smell proof.

When it comes to cleaning Genius, it could be the easiest pipe to clean on the market. The pipe is held together by 12 super strong magnets. The magnets ensure a snug fit that will hold up as long as you own the pipe, which also makes it incredibly easy to clean on the go. All you have to do is: (1) Separate the top from the bottom (2) Wipe it down with 70% alcohol (3) Slap it back together. And it’s as clean as the first time you used it. The medical-grade anodized finish will also aid in cleaning off any tough, sticky residue and will sustain heavy use without damage to the pipe’s beautiful look.

All of our genius pipes are sold with the evolution top slider. If you find lower prices on the internet it it most likely that it will not come with the top slider.

We offer both the Genius Classic Pipes which are your choice of
Black, Silver, Black with Silver Trim and also the Color Collection: Cobalt Blue or Liberation Green.

This Product Features:

Waterless Filter
Multi Use Design
Convenient Slider
Great Heat Dissipation
Strong Magnets
Hassle Free Maintenance

You Will Receive:

1x – Genius Pipe
1x – Genius Pipe Slider

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