Diamond Grind Large 3″ aluminum magnetic 4 part grinder. Diamond Grind large 3″ or 75 mm 4 part aluminum grinder.  This is a cylindrical shape grinder that measures 3″ or 75 mm in diameter.  We call this the Large Diamond Grind 4 part grinder.  The 4 piece Diamond Grind grinders feature diamond shape sharp teeth to grind and shred your materials. Each 4 part grinder comes with a magnetic grinder on the top, a stainless steel screen and a bottom collection container and scraper. This large size 4 piece Diamond Grinder is 75 mm in diameter or 3 inches.    This is a large size Diamond Grinder in the 4 part alumionum grinder series. Diamond Grind grinders are also available in the mini size of 1.5″ or 40mm, the x-small size of 2″ or 50 mm, the small size of 2.25″ or 56 mm, the medium size of 2.5″ or 63 mm and the extra large size 3.5″ or 90 mm.  Diamond Grind are guaranteed for life.  

June 2020 out of stock

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2 in


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