Diamond Grind 2 Piece


Diamond Grind small 2.25″ or 56 mm 2 part aluminum grinder


Diamond Grind Grinder small round 56 mm 2.25″ aluminum 2 part grinder. The Diamond Grinder is the perfect size for a go anywhere 2 part grinder. Each grinder has sharp diamond grind teeth for easy grinding.  Diamond Grind offers a lifetime guarantee on the function of these grinders.  These 2 part grinders are sold in clear plastic and inside an individual box for protection. The classic polish would be the silver.   Silver sells for $17.00

The color grinders are anodized to prevent scratching and $1.00 more, selling for $18.00 each.   Colors options are:   >>   Black, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Green, Red, Purple and occasionally pink or gold.

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