Cosmic Titanium Nails 14 mm dome nail


Cosmic Case Titanium 14 mm nails

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Cosmic Case Titanium Nails 10-14 mm dome nail. The Cosmic nail is made in the USA from grade 2 titanium and stands about 2 inches long, making it a very strong tool. Its base is shaped into a counterweight to create a perfect balances for its wide head so that it stays in place while you’re working your magic. Angled flow fins give this concentrate tool an interesting look while creating an amazing airflow path and fits perfectly in most 10-14m downstems.

Note: Be sure to season your titanium nail before first use. Heat the unused nail until it is red hot and then submerge it in water until it is cooled. Repeat this 3-7 times as needed, tempering the titanium and extending the overall life of the nail.


– 1 x Cosmic Titanium Nail


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