Burn Bud All In One


Burn Bud is an all in one grinder, herb dispenser, bottle opener, light holster and wick holder.


Burn Bud ALL In One Smoking Accessory. Its a lighter holster, herb dispenser and grinder all in one compact discreet case. It also is a bottle opener and storage container. The Burn Bud in a a portable device that fits in you pocket on any adventure you may take. For grinding, it has a grinder card built in. There is a piston that will dispense your product directly into you cone or pipe.

Made from Bio-Based Natural Fiber composite to replace oil-based raw materials. The plastic is made from the hemp stalk—both Beautiful and Durable.

6 Unique Features: Lighter Holder, Wick Holder, Herb Grinder, Herb Storage, Herb dispenser, Bottle opener

Easy Cleaning and Dishwasher safe. Easy to clean and easy to use. Get your Burn Bud today!

Colors available: Beige


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