Bukket Pipe


The Bukket pipe has a waterless gravity lung that gives you a clean cool power smoke.


The bukket pipe is a well-designed waterless gravity bong.  The Bukket’s waterless gravity lung that allows the smoke to expand and cool before you inhale! It’s easily cleanable and is dishwasher safe. It can easily be separated into 3 sections for easy cleaning. Experience the BUKKET – a new revolutionary waterless, portable gravity bong, based on the famous bucket bong – it’s smooth, rich & hassle free smoke !!!

The Bukket accordion style gravity pipe is 5” tall and 4” wide, it stretches out to over 2 feet in length. The Bukket method is hassle free and a good way to smoke as the smoke is well chilled. The special feature of the Bukket is that the effect and taste are more intense than other smoking methods.

We also sell the Bukket Bowl and Bukket accordion separately as accessories.

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