Bud Bomb Pipe


The Bud Bomb Pipe is an indestructible all stainless steel pipe that delivers a quick, simple and smooth smoking experience.


The Bud Bomb Pipe is an indestructible all stainless-steel pipe that delivers a quick, simple and smooth smoking experience. Inside the Bud Bomb is a steel spiral or helix that the smoke must travel through before reaching the mouthpiece, cleaning and cooling the smoke along the way. By the time the smoke reaches the mouthpiece you will have a nice cool and smooth pull. By using this inner spiral, it eliminates any need for screens, saving you both time and money in the process. These are the original bud bombs make in England. Each one is sold in a velvet pouch with the instruction card. The bud bomb pipes are easy to clean.  You will need to dissemble the heavy metal pipe apart and soak the piece in rubbing alcohol for few minutes (or hours). Take it out, wipe it, and you’re all set.

We are selling the Bud Bomb original and the new Bud Bomb Extra-large size. The budbomb XL is identical to the budbomb in design but the Extra-Large size is made of aluminum to keep weight to a minimum and the internal coil is brass to dissipate heat, the body is anodized matte finish.  These pipes are a high-quality product and are sold with the budbomb lifetime warranty. We list the black budbomb as gunmetal as it is not a perfect black.

Color Choices:   Silver, Gold or Gunmetal (Black)

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