Better Brass Pipe Accessories


Better Brass Pipe accessories.  Glass Bowl, mouth tip, o rings

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Better Brass Glass bowl insert is used for your Better Brass Proto pipe.  This is an accessory to your brass pipe as these pipes do not include a glass pipe.  It is a great addition to your pipe especially if you prefer to smoke from glass.  We are selling the glass bowls for $6.50 each.

Better Brass O-ring set is a set of 2 of the red o-rings.  The o-rings makes the plug on the pipe fit tighter.  We are selling the o-rings for $3.00 each.

Black Rubber mouth tips are used at the end of the pipe.  Just in case you lose your mouthpiece or it becomes damaged after many uses, pick up a spare.  We are selling the black rubber mouth tips for$3.00 each.


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BBP Glass Bowl, BBP mouth tip, BBP O rings


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