7 Pipe Twisty XL


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7 Pipe Twisty Extra Large Size holds up to 4 grams and has 8 chambers.

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7 Pipe Twisty XL Extra Large Size. Original Twisty Pipe made by 7 Pipe. The biggest and most impressive member of the Twisty™ family, Twisty™ Glass XL. With 8 chambers that holds up to 4 grams, you can smoke out all your friends with one fill. The Twisty™ Glass XL balances perfectly in your hand like a Cuban cigar, only heavier and more solid. Just like the other members in the Twisty™ family, the Twisty™ Glass XL features an infiniti-cherry that minimizes the need to relight. It is water-pipe adaptable and is extremely easy to maintain making it a must-have for those who like to do it BIG.

This is the original authentic Twisty pipe. We have a study from 7 Pipe showing all the copies on the market that have a high lead content in their brass parts. If you want to smoke healthy, we suggest you keep it safe and purchase your 7 Pipe Twisty from us. We are an authorized distributor of all the 7 Pipe products.


1 Twisty™ Glass XL
1 Microfiber Bag
1 O-Ring
1 Cleaning Brush
2 Twisty™ Silicone Caps


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