Inconspicuously Chic Pipes

Thankfully, we are past the era of fragile, smelly cigarettes and onto bigger and better things–odorless, unbreakable, and automatic smoking devices. While there are many handheld pipes on the market to assist in giving you a heightened smoking experience, only a few outshine the rest due to their low maintenance requirements, sleek design, and distinctly effective highs they provide. 

To spare you the effort of scouring through ratings and reviews of the latest and greatest smoking devices, we conjured up a short list of our favorite premium pipes with a reasonable price tag that will add a little spice to your life. Please take a peek at what we have in stock and consider upgrading your pipe to one of these smooth and subtle chic pipes.

Premium Pipe Supply

Bud Bomb PipeBud Bomb Pipes

The Bud Bomb Pipe is precisely what it sounds like. An indestructible, highly effective smoking device. The pipe’s exterior is lustrous, slim, and inconspicuous, and the interior has a steel spiral–also known as a helix–which the smoke travels through before it hits the mouthpiece. This provides an elevated smoking experience–one in which the smoke is cooled, cleaned, and smoothed as you pull it in with each inhale. Choose from Silver, Gold, or Gunmetal to give your purse or pocket the dash of posh it needs to indicate to others that you are a badass. 

We love this product because the design is ultra chic and incognito.

Fumo Pipe

The Fumo Pipe is yet another indestructible, miniature piece that hits similar to a steam roller. While a bit pricier than the Bud Bomb, the Fumo is a great pipe to utilize if you like being in control of the power of your inhalations. With the Fumo, you push the button on the carb to determine how powerful of a rip you’d like to have. It flawlessly cools your tobacco or weed with every puff. Unlike the Bud Bomb, the design of the Fumo includes a screen which must be replaced overtime, though it comes with three replacement screens so you won’t have to restock for a while.

This pipe comes in various colors: purple, green, blue, black, gunmetal, and red. If you want to take a walk on the wild side and purchase one to match your outfit or your favorite color, we won’t judge you.

Journey 4 Pipe

The Journey 4 Pipe is a predecessor to the Journey 2 and 3. This ultra-thin non-slip grip pipe is made from stainless steel and wrapped in FDA food grade silicone. Of all the pipes on this list, the Journey 4 is the smallest and thinnest, and can likely fit right inside your wallet or front pocket. The Journey 4 Pipe’s built-in Micro Ring Filter Technology prevents clogging and helps avoid the build-up of unhealthy tars that clog up most pipes. The Journey 4 Pipe contains a robust magnetic lid that snaps into place and keeps the contents of your pipe secure. If you’re going for a low-key one hitter and care more about lightweight and feel than appearance, the Journey 4 is the pipe for you.

Pyptek Prometheus Nano Pipe

The Pyptek Prometheus Nano Pipe consists primarily of glass, and aluminum–which is used for protection of the glass. It is a chillum-style pipe that is insanely discrete due to its size, and is a top-notch portable one-hitter. It is highly durable and provides a super clean smoke because of the glass tube. Furthermore, it comes in 3 different sizes if you want a thicker hit, but the 4″ nano is most suitable for those who want to keep their smoking on the down low. Choose from pink, red, green, blue, or keep it extra classy and go with gunmetal gray.

Genius Pipe

If you want to avoid coughing when you inhale smoke, the Genius Pipe is your preferred smoking tool. This sleek 3-compartment piece provides a cough-free experience and is exceptionally easy to clean and maintain. The Genius Pipe is the thinnest and most elegant among all the other pipes listed, but for a higher price. Not only that, but it is effortless to take apart and requires little to no upkeep for it to function correctly. 

If you’re in the market for a slim, stylish, and durable smoking device that is both portable and incognito, it’s worth investigating the lineup above to discover which one best fits your personal style.