How to Choose from Different Grinder Materials

On your hunt for a new cannabis grinder, you may have been stumped at the amount of choices that lie before you. There are quite a number of features to look at, but doing so guarantees a more enjoyable experience, whether you are using cannabis medically or recreationally.

It takes a bit of research to make sure you make the right decision, and one area you should be particular about is the material of the grinder you use. Before hopping on to the Premium Grinders site to find the most effective grinder for you, take note of these differences between the kinds of materials used in herb grinders.

Metal Grinders

There are different types of grinders that fall under the metal category. Typically, though, metal grinders are made from either aluminum or zinc, among others.

Aluminum Grinders

Aluminum is affordable, durable, and lighter than the other metal options, which makes it ideal when you want a grinder you can carry around every day. It is also a common choice for many beginners, as you will have little trouble finding these in the market. 

However, keep an eye out for the quality of the aluminum grinder you choose. A poorly made one tends to be inefficient at breaking down flower and breaks easily. Opt for grinders made from high-grade aluminum.

Zinc Grinders

Zinc is a little heavier than aluminum, which some users prefer as it may have a better feel on the hands while grinding cannabis. It is also a popular choice for its price and durability.

Plastic Grinders

If you need something quick and cheap, plastic grinders are the way to go. Unfortunately, these kinds are nowhere near as effective as their wooden and metal counterparts in breaking down your cannabis, as their teeth are not too sturdy.

This does not mean they have no use, though. A plastic grinder is a great choice if you are a beginner who first wants to get a feel of how to use a grinder before shelling out more money on a tool with higher quality.

Acrylic Grinders

Acrylic grinders fall under the category of plastic grinders, although they are sturdier than most other plastic options. They cost less than grinders made of wood or metal, too.

If you just need an on-the-go grinder for your herbs and are not too worried about kief or the evenness of your ground cannabis, then an acrylic grinder does its job well enough.

Wooden Grinders

Users often opt for wooden grinders due to their unique designs and rustic appearance. These grinders usually have blades made of metal. If you are especially picky about the aesthetics of your grinder, a wooden grinder is a visually pleasing option.

It can be a little harder to maintain than grinders made of other material because contact with moisture can compromise the strength of wood. However, with the right kind of tender-loving care, a wooden grinder could last you a long time!


Make a list of your priorities as you consider the different types of grinders available to you, then you can go shopping for the right grinder!