Goodbye Prometheus – Hello Pyptek Pyptek

Prometheus is the friend of man and giver of fire according to Greek mythology, a fitting name, and representative of Pyptek’s exceptional products.

Recently the mythical representative gave way to the brand name Pyptek. While Prometheus remains the inspiration, the brand name now identifies this robust line of pipes and accessories.

All Pyptek pipes are glass pipes with an aircraft-grade aluminum exoskeleton available in several anodized colors. The craftsmanship, top-notch design, and premium materials combine to make a pleasant and unique smoking experience.

The Pyptek line delivers otherworldly results with its innovative designs and high-quality product offerings like the following.

The Titan

The largest unit in the line, the Titan, has all the Pyptek features and comes in five brilliant colors. Also, a replacement glass kit for the Titan is available to replace broken parts and make cleaning more convenient.

The Pyptek Quartz Oil Kit, Titanium Domeless Nail, and Universal Oil Kit work to make your Titan an efficient and easy-to-use rig for concentrates.

The Pocket Pipe

The most popular of the three sizes, the Pocket Pipe, is in the middle between the Titan and the Nano. This unit also has a replacement glass kit and is compatible with Pyptek concentrate kits. Choose from five vibrant anodized colors and enjoy one of the most popular pipes available.

The Nano

This Chillum is their smallest offering and incorporates all the same high-quality engineering and materials in all Pyptek products. At a mere 4 inches in length, this popular and stylish one-hitter will become your favorite for travel and convenience.

Available in six vivid anodized colors, the Nano is fast becoming one of the best-sellers in the Pyptek stable.

The Dreamroller

The same size as the Titan, the Pyptek Dreamroller is a mighty steamroller incorporating all the Pyptek technology and quality you expect. Powerful pneumatic action allows you to draw more than ten times easier than other pipes.

One-handed operation and a convenient click-to-clear mechanism add real convenience to this exceptional smoking experience.

The Bubbler

If you like water pipes, but despise the cleaning, then the Pyptek Bubbler is for you. This singularly unique waterpipe easily breaks down into four parts, making cleaning your Bubbler quicker and easier than any other waterpipe or bong out there.

Featuring all the same high-end features and materials, the Bubbler combines the portability of a hand pipe with the cooling effect of water filtration and a glass bong. Plus, it boasts the added benefit of Pyptek’s protective exoskeleton.


Pyptek is proud to place its name directly on its products because they are proven to be some of the highest quality and most popular pipes available. 

You can be sure that every product and step in the process still receives the same attention to detail and scrutiny for which Pyptek is renowned. We hope that this article is helpful in your search for the ideal smoking products here at Premium Grinders.