7 Pipe, the Brand with a Twist You Can Appreciate

7 Pipe, the Brand with a Twist You Can Appreciate The ingenuity behind this product line is hard to overstate. The crew at 7 Pipe has created a pipe that is more like a pre-roll or blunt.  The baseline concept is to preload a proprietary glass cylinder with smoking material and insert an Archimedes screw [...]

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Goodbye Prometheus – Hello Pyptek

Goodbye Prometheus – Hello Pyptek Prometheus is the friend of man and giver of fire according to Greek mythology, a fitting name, and representative of Pyptek’s exceptional products. Recently the mythical representative gave way to the brand name Pyptek. While Prometheus remains the inspiration, the brand name now identifies this robust line of pipes and [...]

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Inconspicuously Chic Pipes

Inconspicuously Chic Pipes Thankfully, we are past the era of fragile, smelly cigarettes and onto bigger and better things–odorless, unbreakable, and automatic smoking devices. While there are many handheld pipes on the market to assist in giving you a heightened smoking experience, only a few outshine the rest due to their low maintenance requirements, sleek [...]

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Wood Dug Out, The One-Hitter Smoke Boxes

Wood Dug Out One-Hitter Smoke Boxes Cocobola small slide top dug out Wood dugouts–commonly referred to as one-hitters–are a great way to store your finely ground weed and also serve as an incognito pipe that you can carry on the go. They come in the form of small wooden boxes that contain a [...]

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5 Cool Smoking Pipes Worth a Look

5 Cool Smoking Pipes Worth a Look We all enjoy a good smoke, and cooled smoke makes for a more enjoyable experience. Along with cooling the smoke, most of these offerings also deliver less tar and other contaminants, making your smoke safer and more pleasant.  Here are some of our best and most innovative cool [...]

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Choosing the Right Pipe for You

Choosing the Right Pipe for You With multitudes of ways to smoke now available on the market, it can be overwhelming to determine which pipe is the best fit for your needs. A wide variety of shapes, sizes, materials and methods for smoking exist today, which can make it confusing to know what exactly you’re [...]

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