7 Pipe, the Brand with a Twist You Can Appreciate

The ingenuity behind this product line is hard to overstate. The crew at 7 Pipe has created a pipe that is more like a pre-roll or blunt. 

The baseline concept is to preload a proprietary glass cylinder with smoking material and insert an Archimedes screw which is key to the operation.

Each draw from your Twisty comes via the screw that doubles the smoke’s path, acting as a heat sink to deliver a 30% cooler hit. A mere twist pushes out the ash for removal, and another twist loads another hit.

What could be more convenient?

Quality Construction

The entire screw, including the mouthpiece, is crafted from brass with a proprietary titanium coating. The glass tube is heat-resistant Pyrex, specially designed for 7 Pipe.

The 7 Pipe line-up works the same; your only choice is capacity. And, with every item being well under $100, you may want to pick up several sizes. Each unit offers a slightly different volume ranging from ½ g for the Mini to 4 g for the Twisty XL.

Here Is the Rundown

The Twisty Mini

Perfect for personal use at about 2 ½” long with a 50% smaller infinity cherry, The Mini has a generous .5 g capacity for all-day pleasure.

The Twisty Slim

Twisty Glass Slim Pipe

With its compact profile and 3 ½” length, the Twisty Glass Slim has a capacity of 1.3 g making it great for personal and communal sessions.

The Blunt

Enjoy the generous 2 g capacity of the 4” Original Twisty Glass Blunt with your friends and family.

The Twisty XL

Is the Twisty Blunt still not large enough?

The Twisty XL boasts a massive 4 g capacity at 5.8” in length and eight chambers, with the balanced feel of a Cuban cigar for the ultimate party animal.

Other Twisty Products

The Twisty Lighter is as well-made and classy as all their other products. There are three weatherproof flames, an electronic ignition, and you can easily adjust the flame. This sleek and eye-catching lighter has the look and feel of true luxury.

You can read our blog about the Twisty Grinder here.

This beauty may be one of the most impactful grinders in the world. The ergonomic design and the added leverage of multiple steel posts on the grinding mechanism are the real twist on this one.

People suffering from conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, neuropathy, and various forms of arthritis are often locked out of grinding. It can be painfully difficult or even impossible for people with these issues to use most grinders.

Premium Grinders is proud to offer this potentially life-altering option to our valued customers.


If you are looking for a new twist on your smoking experience, then 7 Pipe’s unique and impressive products are well worth looking into. Not only are their products unique and well-crafted, but they are also among the least expensive of all the quality smoking devices we know of.