5 Cool Smoking Pipes Worth a Look smoking pipe

We all enjoy a good smoke, and cooled smoke makes for a more enjoyable experience. Along with cooling the smoke, most of these offerings also deliver less tar and other contaminants, making your smoke safer and more pleasant.  Here are some of our best and most innovative cool smoking pipes, and all of them cool the smoke without using water. Choose the one that best fits your personal style and usage, and realize the benefits of cleaner and cooler smoke.

Pipe Twisty Glass Blunt

Innovative design and superb construction make the original 7 Pipe Twisty Glass Blunt fun and easy to use. You can load up to 2g of your favorite material into the glass chamber and turn the screw, which also cools the smoke, counterclockwise to load the material. Turning the titanium plated screw clockwise expels the ash, making your Twisty Glass Blunt ready to load once more. Everything about the Twisty Glass Blunt has your health and comfort in mind.

Genius Pipe

This ingenious three-piece unit employs ridges/dimples to diffuse and cool the smoke. Powerful magnets hold the three pieces firmly together for perfect flow and permit total access for easy cleaning. Every bit of the Genius Pipe’s design provides for your comfort, safety, and enjoyment. Take it with you wherever you go. The sturdy construction and handy cover that allows you to preload the bowl make the Genius Pipe one of the best all-purpose pipes around.

Journey 4 Pipe

Eliminate clogging and lose the screens with the Journey 4’s revolutionary Micro Ring Filter Technology® and permanent 200- micron filter. Enjoy cool and ultraclean smoke free of contaminants like tar and bacteria. FDA food-grade silicone coats the stainless steel body for ease, comfort, and a protective finish.

The Journey 4 is simple to use, easy to clean, comes in a smell-proof, airtight zip-locked poly pouch, and is available in three colors.


Enjoy hassle-free, super cool smoke with more intense taste and effect from the Bucket’s novel design. Load the removable bowl and let gravity draw the smoke into the accordion bellows. Then, pull the now cool smoke from the bellows for a smoking experience like no other. The Bucket breaks down into three parts for easy cleaning.

Fumo 5 colors

Fumo Pipe

Sporting a unique push-carb button that cools your smoke at every draw. the Original Fumo Pipe has a CNC billet aluminum body with an anodized finish and stainless steel components. There is also an indestructible, removable polycarbonate mouthpiece. The Fumo comes in 6 popular colors and includes three extra screens and a cleaning tool.


If you seek a healthier and cooler smoking experience, these five high-quality pipes from Premium Grinders are among the best and most innovative units on the market today. But, we have much more to offer. For instance, none of these pipes are water-cooled.

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